LED Dog Collar

Color: Red
Size: S 35-41 CM
Sale price$24.99

Keep Your Dog Safe!

This is the best way to keep your dog safe, guaranteed!

SAFE: 1.2 million dogs are hit by cars every year in the USA only! Our LED Dog Collar keeps your best friend visible for car drivers. 

RECHARGEABLE: The Pawppy LED Dog Collar is USB rechargeable. 

ADJUSTABLE: Every size is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for every dog.

HIGH QUALITY: Pet-friendly materials and a stainless steal ring. 

STYLISH: No longer an eyesore, our minimalist design and sophisticated colors ensure our collars fit perfect to every style preference.

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Pomeranian (small), Chihuahua (small),
Toy Breeds

S Chihuahua (large), Bichon Frise (small)

Bichon Frise (large), French Bulldog (small),
Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire,
Terrier, West Highland Terrier


Cockerspaniel, Cavalier King Charles,
Jack Russell, French Bulldog (large),
Miniature Schnauzer, Bedlington


Bulldog (small), Beagle, Boxer, Pitbull,
Pug, Poodle


Bulldog (large), Staffie, Lhasa Apso,
Basset Hound, Border Collie, Kelpie,
Labrador, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever,
Whippet, German Shepherd,
Dalmatian, Weimaraner,
German Short Haired Pointer, Shar Pei

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